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For Alex's birthday, I bought him a vintage shoe polish box since he's an old man who loves polishing his boots. The one I got wasn't in the best quality, but it looks really cool, so I hope it gets here without being broken. There was same one for only $5 more, it was in better condition, and came with a bunch of the original shoe polish, but the seller wouldn't respond to my email, asking if they shipped to Canada. :(

Oh well. I hope he likes it.

I mean, on top of that, I'm hoping to get him this expensive whiskey he really likes. I'm also thinking of being SUPER CORNY and making a mixed cd (lol wat) for our 6 month anniversary because he loves cds and music. lmao cheese

good 4 me

WHAT DO I WEAR? He's really cute and suggested that we hang out in my bedroom, watch old movies, and drink some wine. I know one of them will be Roman Holiday because it's my favourite Audrey Hepburn movie, but I can't decide what else. Maybe Rebel Without A Cause or Funny Face.

So yeah! What do I wear? I figured something causal, but cute. I just bought this:

But I think it's too much? idk I just wanted a cute minnie mouse dress go home

what else do i haveeeeeEEeeEEee


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