Oct. 22nd, 2013

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I'm going to try something. I'm really bad at retail therapy and wanting new things, so I'm thinking of making a list of things I want and putting money in a jar at the end of the week for it. Right now I want these four things:

01. MAC Diva Lipstick $18

02. BENEFIT COSMETICS Dandelion $36 (I actually asked for a Sephora gift card for my birthday, but I haven't gotten it yet and Mom made it sound like she got me something else instead womp womp)

03. Besame Cosmetics Crimson Cream Rouge $45.08

04. Cambridge Satchel Company Red 11" Satchel $155

Soo when I have enough money for one of them, then I will buy it. HOW TO FIX A RETAIL ADDICTION? By admitting that I have low confidence and that I think having new things will make people like me and not hate me for the shit I did to Christine. 8D

I'm probably going to ask Dad to get me the satchel for Christmas. It's either that or getting a new serger. I wish I didn't ask for the jacket I got for my birthday because it's cheap and not.. what I was expecting. :(
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I hate when something goes wrong with the computer that my boss is using because she takes it out on everybody. She doesn't even blame us; she just shits on all of us for it not working. The worst part is that she makes me call my Dad, the IT guy, when it's her problem. It's not even an issue of me having to work or call someone. It's because my Dad can't fix it issue unless he's speaking to the person on the computer and every time I ask her a question, she gets snippy.

Her emails have been bouncing back and after speaking to my Dad, I had to tell her that he's calling the phone company because it's not his/our problem, so he can't fix it. Later on, the problem happened again and she got all snippy with me as if I didn't do anything. She asked me to call again, so I had to repeat what I already told her an hour before. ~_~


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