Mar. 20th, 2014

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The top is more work than I thought it would be because I didn’t realize I have to add so many pintucks and how much work that really is, so I’m a bit behind. I’m really discouraged because I told Tam and Rachel that I was doing it and they told me it was too complicated for the amount of time. Tam even straight up said, “I don’t think you’re going to finish that, no offense,” and I threw in the towel. I talked to Alex about it and told me not to be a quitter, so I decided to stick with it for the rest of the week. After all, my goal was to see what I could get done this week and decide if it was possible. Here’s hoping I get tomorrow off for real because that would give me a lot of time to catch up.

To be honest, I might stop and catch up for Costume Con because then I know the materials might get here for sure. I’d at least make the top, so the most complicated thing is out of the way. Then, I can save up for Worbla, so I can buy 2 jumbo sheets. It’s not the best idea because there’s only two weeks after Pax until Costume Con and I really did want to make Cersei. Of course I can make Cersei now, but I kind of wanted to make a Vault suit for Pax because I keep envisioning myself wearing the suit with the red pinup hair. >_> I wonder if I have any fabric I could dye that I could use for Fallout?

Anyway, I’m sticking to the plan of Tera right now. If the shirt is pretty much done on Sunday, then I’ll continue making the pants and patterning whatever else I can think of doing. If everything turns out, I’ll keep going or else I’ll stop and work on Fallout. I still have to finish my Animal Crossing cosplay and Booker for Alex. :\

♦ cut out apron neckline
♦ finish patterning pintucks on Tera Top
♦ maybe: finish patterning Tera Top

♦ cut out 50% Tera Top
♦ iron Tera Top
♦ finish patterning Tera Top

♦ sew apron neckline + buttons
♦ cut out rest of Tera Top
♦ sew pintucks on Tera Top
♦ make, cut, and sew bias tape onto Tera Top
♦ sew Tera Top
♦ sew zipper into Tera Top
♦ maybe: closures on Tera Top (magnets?)
♦ maybe: do details on Animal Crossing

I gave in and bought some gloves from etsy. I was hoping for leather gloves, but the only pair I liked within my price range said they only shipped to the US. >:( I ended up going with these suede ones and I hope they fucking get here in time. I don’t have any gloves I could wear as a backup anymore since I used them up for Tannis and C.Viper. :( I’m going to go to Value Village to look for boots and hope they have something. Maybe even see if I can find a Men’s shirt that would fit Alex for Booker and see if I can find a cheap white one that I can take apart the collar and cuffs.

I think I’m still going to try to paint my dress for Animal Crossing if I have white fabric paint. It shouldn’t be too hard to paint it since I have a dressform and I can get away with painting the skirt without it being fitted onto anything. I don’t think I’ll paint Alex’s shirt unless he doesn’t think he’ll ever wear a light blue dress shirt again.


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