Mar. 31st, 2014

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I didn’t get much work done. The x’s on my aprons are done, but that’s pretty much it. /shrugs

I’ve decided to wear my Splicer costume to Pax because it’s much easier to pack and I don’t want to stress myself about wearing Alex all day and being afraid it will break after a few hours. I might try to make a last minute pipe because I think I kept some cardboard tube for that purpose, so it won’t be hard. I still have to dirty up the costume properly, but that’ll be an hour out of my day.

I’m hoping to have Aela for Costume Con, but I don’t know how possible that will be. My Tera costume still needs SO MUCH work, but I guess it doesn’t /have/ to be 100% done since I’m going to wear it again. I might just wear some replacement boots and finish the boots later. I was really hoping to have a sword, but I don’t know if I could get one done in time and it’s too late to ask anyone.

This week:
♦ Booker’s vest
♦ Booker’s tie
♦ Booker’s shirt
♦ Reese apron
♦ Cyrus apron
♦ Reese collar
♦ Cyrus bandana
♦ Splicer prop
♦ dirty up Splicer costume
♦ new luggage
♦ doctor’s appointment!

♦ buy trim for Booker’s vest
♦ sew Reese’s apron
♦ cut out large heart outline from felt
♦ put together splicer prop
♦ pattern & sew Booker’s tie
♦ pattern Booker’s shirt collar/cuffs
♦ maybe: cut out & sew Booker’s shirt collar/cuffs

♦ cut out & sew Booker’s shirt collar/cuffs
♦ pattern Booker’s vest
♦ maybe: cut out Booker’s vest
♦ maybe: sew Booker’s vest trim

♦ pattern Reese’s collar
♦ pattern Cyrus’s bandana
♦ cut out felt for Reese’s collar
♦ cut out felt for Cyrus’s bandana

♦ cut out Cyrus’s bandana
♦ cut out Reese’s collar
♦ glue heart on Reese’s apron
♦ glue heart on Cyrus’s apron
♦ maybe: glue white felt on Cyrus’s bandana
♦ maybe: cut out Booker’s vest

♦ sew Reese’s collar
♦ sew Booker’s vest trim
♦ sew Booker’s vest together
♦ sew Booker’s buttonholes on vest

♦ glue white felt on Reese’s collar
♦ sew closures on Reese’s collar
♦ sew buttons on Booker’s vest
♦ replace buttons on C.Viper’s sleeve
♦ clean C.Viper’s glasses
♦ maybe: C.Viper’s knuckles

Next week:
♦ finish Tera top
♦ pattern armour (so I know how much to buy)

I have a busy week or should I say month? I only have two weeks after Pax for Costume Con, so that doesn’t leave me any time. :( I might start considering being Aela and Cersei instead, but I don’t know when I could finish my Tera costume. /sigh I have way too many costumes to make after this. I’m already upset because I can’t make Morrigan for Dragoncon and I’m positive I’m not going to sew any big projects after that con. :\
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Lately cosplay has just been exhausting me. I've gotten to the point where I don't want to cosplay for the sake of cosplaying.

I want to wear something i'm proud of and if that means wearing one costume for the weekend, so be it.

There are 5 costumes I want to make for DragonCon and another 1.5 costume so for Alex. These are things I really want to make.

None of them are Morrigan and that's the costume I want the most.

I want to get Tera and Cersei done for AN, so I don't have to worry about those two costumes for Dragoncon. I can commission a Tera sword by then, so I don't have to worry about that either. I might be able to sneak in Origins!Morrigan, but I doubt it. I'm so exhausted these days and want to focus my time on making my life better. This is not my job. I don't really /want/ it to be my job. But there are some things I really want to make especially since Alex will be free soon. ;~; It makes me feel so happy to see how excited Alex is for Zechs and Noin...

The only reason I'm nervous for The only reason I'm nervous for Tera is because of how expensive it is. I might be able to get away with buying only one sheet of Worbla for $85 for the big armour and maybe the base of my neck and elbow armour, but the rest would be craft foam. I might have enough wonderflex for the base of the elbow armour. *crosses fingers* However, I still have to buy a wig for $45-50, $50 for the pants fabric, and another $40 for paints, gesso, and brushes. :( I might give in and wear the wrong wig for Costume Con since castanic females do wear that style, but they have different horns. I like the horns my character have, so I don't want to change it. I also like the shorter hair because it shows off the costume better, but I don't want to cut this wig apart. Basically, if I only need one sheet of Worbla, then I will buy the wig. If not, it'll have to wait until Dragon Con.


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