Jan. 14th, 2015

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Let the con season begin! I want to try my best and not do much this year, but I’m already fucking that up by cosplaying Morrigan.

The first convention of the year is Frostcon. I’m not really interested in going, but most of my friends seemed to be going, so why not? It’s not like I’m paying for a pass. My cosplay is a dream cosplay of mine from last year: Burial At Sea Elizabeth! I’m kind of Bioshock-ed out (this IS making me want to play it again though), but I would kick myself if I didn’t try it once before cutting my hair.

My motto for this year is fuck perfection. If it looks good, keep it. HAH. Fuck accuracy! That’s why I bought Elizabeth’s blouse and if I can’t put the seams on it then ohhhhh well. I just keep hearing Gina’s voice in my head saying how she ~made her blouse from scratch~. I have to remind myself she also said she never wanted to make a blouse again after that. haha

I really hope I can get the hair to work and I can get some good photos from it because I don’t know if I’ll wear this again. I did find a wig I kind of liked, but it’s also $90. X.x It’s worth it for a styled wig, but I don’t know if I want to invest in that.

The next convention after that is Pax East. MY BABY. MY FAVOURITE CON. I’m bringing Morrigan’s Orlesian dress. Remember how I wanted to make it for Pax last year? And didn’t because it’s way too huge to wear there? Lol TOO BAD. DOING IT ANYWAY.

It was between Origins Morrigan or DAI Morrigan, but I decided against Origins for now because I don’t have the money to buy leather. I say as I buy expensive rhinestones and velvet fabric. At least I’m not making the corset out of leather anymore because the dark grey vinyl I have is almost perfect and the texture is similar looking to leather. Why spend another $70 on something I already have? I’m also skipping studs and going with rhinestones because it’s SO MUCH EASIER. I look forward to gluing 1000 rhinestones on because it’s therapeutic. *_*

This weekend, I’m going fabric shopping for most of Morrigan. I won’t be getting the velvet fabric unless I find the perfect colour and there’s only a few metres left or I find something really cheap, but I doubt it.

I don’t know what else I’m going to wear to Pax just yet. I know I’m going to bring C.Viper as a backup since it’s comfy and easy. Maybe Karlee and I will bring our League cosplays if we magically have room? I doubt it. haha

Speaking of League, this is the year I rewear a few costumes. I really wish I made a bunch of silly, little costumes last year, so I only have to worry about one new costume per convention. I know I want to update my Caitlyn costume, wear my Bombshell Zatanna, revamp Harley Quinn, and make a new Magician Bitch Zatanna. Grrrreat!

► cut out BaS skirt pattern
► make BaS belt

This week:
► Finish BaS skirt
► fix Morrigan’s petticoat

Next week:
► pattern Morrigan’s skirt
► pattern Morrigan’s top

This Month:
► pattern Morrigan 100%
► sew Morrigan 40%
► Finish BaS


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