Mar. 17th, 2015

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I still have so much to do with my Morrigan until I’m happy with it. I’m leaving the skirt for now, but I want to re-do the belts one day. Maybe for AN? Depends what I’m doing for AN. I’m still deciding I’m going to make my Inquisitor, male Inquisitor (Orlesian Uniform), Ball gown Morrigan, Origins Morrigan, or, to spice things up, Hyrule Warriors Impa. Lol I guess there’s Tera too.

What I want to fix on Morrigan:

► new top
► new bikini top
► attach sleeve to pauldron
► fix necklace
► new staff
► fix boot covers
► new wig
► new belts on skirt
► stitches in leggings


That’s what it takes to make me happier with my costume. ~_~ VERSION 5 HERE I COME?? It’s either for AN or Dragoncon. I’m motivated to do it for AN, but at the same time, I really want to make something new. I think I’ll only make it if I decide to make something else (Impa or Tera) or if I have no time to finish my new Dragon Age costumes.

I’m really inspired to make DAI Morrigan, but I really should finish Tera and I really want to make Impa to wear with Steph and Bridget. <3

I also don't want to decide right now because I want to watch Jojo because I love their costume designs and I know I'll want to cosplay from Digimon when it comes out. >_>


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