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I`m trying to make plans, but I have way too many that I want to do. x.x Dragoncon is my excuse to do a bunch of cosplays, so I figured I`d use Conbravo as an excuse to get some of them done. What do I do instead? Plan two other cosplays that aren’t on my list. To be fair, the one (Madison from AHSC) is just buying a wig I already want for a definite Dragoncon plan and store bought clothes. The other one I thought was simple enough might end up costing a lot. It’s Roxy from Final Fight/Street Fighter to match Rachel as Poison. It’s simple, but it means buying a $70 wig, a police hat, maybe modding that police hat to match my red shorts, and a white tank top. Now I’ve spent over $100! The only way I’ll do it is if I sell enough stuff to afford it all. My plan is to finally sell everything I want to get rid of and hope I have enough to buy my Dragoncon pass ($85) and flight ($400-500). Depending how much I have left over, I’ll decide if I’m making anything new for Conbravo and if I’m going to Atomic Lollipop. I know I can afford it all otherwise, but I’m going to pay rent soon (at least $700-$800 a month) and want to start saving up money. I really do want to go to school!


I’m stuck on Fashion Arts or Makeup at George Brown. Makeup is going to be REALLY hard because it’s not going to be a steady job, but at least I know people in the makeup industry to help me out. Fashion Arts gives me a steady job in a field I love, but getting to the school will be a pain in the ASS. I also don’t want to go to a school with Candice because she’s going to want to hang out all the time. I’m not sure if I’m up for that because it might damage our relationship and I’m already struggling with it.


So what’s next? I think the worst part is, I probably only have one cosplay spot left for Dragoncon since I’m bringing so many. Most of them are easy, but they still require some work and I keep forgetting that, so it might be more than I expect. I probably won’t decide until after ConBravo, so I’ll spend the next two months going back and forth agreeing to plans I won’t follow through with. I was really hoping to have two spots opened, so I could have a Marvel costume and maybe another DC costume. As much as I’m excited to make Tera, it’s made me put aside other costumes I was hoping to make for DragonCon.



Jerkins of the Kumas Tera

Terra Teen Titans

Allison Argent Teen Wolf

Veronica Archie Comics

Selix/Kara Battlstar Galactica



PR Bunny Original

Jean Grey/Scarlet Witch/Emma Frost Marvel

The Huntress DC Comics

Jack Mass Effect 3

Noin Gundam Wing

Artemis Young Justice


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