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I think it's really embarrassing when my bosses asks for a file when one of them is standing in front of the cabinet and I'm behind a desk. I have to shimmy around this tight-closed space to get what's behind them. Of course they know it's there, but they're so pathetic.


job woes

Apr. 24th, 2013 01:34 pm
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It's time to quit your job when the sound of the front door opening makes you anxious.
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Should I actually use my dreamwidth? Maybe I can find some new people to friend. I still update my lj regularly, but nobody ever responds to update. The one girl that used to update 3-5 times a day is updating about 3-5 times a month now. I still talk to friends I met on lj, so it feels like the end of an era.

I'm trying to push myself to get healthy. I just imagine what my life is going to be like by this time next year if I keep on this path and I'm excited. I've already stopped buying lunch every day at work or at all during the week. I still do light groceries almost every week, but I should change that to once a month. I'm trying to learn how to budget for when I move out, but the way I budget right now won't cut. At least I finally have a savings account? I should've started one when I was a teenager. Imagine all the money I could've saved up by now. :| At least I'm starting in my mid-20's?

I'm proud that Mandy has a job now. She's a completely different person and she's much happier. I'm sad that we've grown apart, but I don't think that'll last. I'm hopeful for her and my brother to move out and finally start being independent. I'm happy for myself to experience the same thing. As much as I would love to wait until Alex and I are ready to move out, so I could save up a bunch of money, I really want to experience moving out without him. I feel like it would be beneficial to our relationship. I also don't suspect us moving out together for another year since I'd rather not live at his current house. I'd rather start somewhere fresh and new. Our house.

This summer is going to be amazing. I have so much planned that I'd never thought I'd be doing this time last year. I'm going to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, camping, Mom's cottage for the first time in 7 years (I can handle highways now yay), and I'm going to Cuba for 10 days. Don't even get me started on Cuba... Alex and I are going to be super annoying the entire time. Swimming, lounging around the beach, protecting my pale skin from getting tanned lmao, making out 24/7, and random dates. I can't wait to party with his sister since I've only been able to do that once and it was fun.

I've never taken a real vacation before. I'm actually nervous at the idea of not being on the internet, being on my phone, or watching tv for 10 days. It's also in the middle of con season, so I'm going to be antsy about sewing, but I can't do any of it! I'm curious to see how I'll react. I'll probably be way too busy with everything else.

I've literally made a list of dresses and clothes I want to make or purchase for Cuba. I'm that weird.

I've realized that I don't want to end up like my Mother. I love her and I don't think she is a failure (one of my memories of my Grandfather is him telling me that he thinks my Mom is a failure), but she doesn't lead the kind of life I want. I remember she used to send me texts all the time about wanting to go to school for interior decorating, but she would never do it. She always had an excuse. Either it was too expensive or she was too old and thought she wouldn't benefit from it. I always told her to do it because she wanted to and it would make her happier, but she never did. Basically, her life would be if I stayed with Jon, stayed at this job, and bought shoes/purses to stay happy. I've already stopped two of those things, so let's continue, shall we?

I've been looking heavily into makeup school. There's a private school right around Alex's place that a friend went to, so I have some recommendations for it. The course I want is this:

The Advanced Fashion Make-up Artist Program
(13 Weeks)

Learning fashion theory, photographic and studio hairstyling, and fashion photographic make-up.

The 13-week program is comprised of a thorough study of every aspect of professional fashion/glamour makeup and hairstyling, complemented by a study of modern fashion theory. It is crucial for fashion make-up artists to have a strong understanding of basic hairstyling, as they will be called upon to provide both make-up and hair services for most jobs. This is the nature of the international fashion industry.

The price tag is pretty heft at $13,000 for a 13 week program, but it's 9-5 every week day and it's a private school. Sherdian has a 2 year program that delves into skin and wellness (very important) for only $4,000+, but I've heard it's a very "beginner" program, as in, you won't learn much more than the basics. Also, the private school, Complections, I've heard is run by professionals and you make contacts a lot easier. They also have cheaper and shorter programs if I'm not interested in the full thing. Then again, why take half the course if I'm not going to be a makeup artist? I could take this one:

The Total Fashion Make-up Artist Program
(8 Weeks)

Learning fashion photographic make-up; photographic and studio hairstyling.

The Fashion Make-up Artist and Hair Program covers every aspect of fashion make-up and hairstyling for make-up artists. As a fashion make-up artist and hairstylist, you will use your skills to create beauty and define style, from the basics of skin care to the most elaborate and creative magazine cover. Students begin to build a portfolio using Canada's leading fashion photographers and professional fashion models as provided by Complections.

It's $8,000 which is more likely and favourable than $13,000. :|

What kind of career do I want out of this? Honestly, I love the idea of doing makeup at fashion shows and bridal makeup. I have a guilty pleasure of loving weddings, so I'd totally be excited to be a bridal makeup artist. I'm also close to downtown Toronto, so I'm in a good location.

I think my biggest fear with going through with this isn't that I'm going to regret it. It's only 13 weeks, and no matter what I'll benefit from it even if I decide not to go down the makeup artist route. My biggest fear is how... independent, outgoing, and motivated you have to be. It's all up to you. You sell yourself. You do the work yourself. That's scary when you're really shy, but after spending two years deciding on a new career and realizing I only want to get into the arts, I'm going to have to accept that I have to be self driven. I'm excited that I get to start a blog? hahaha I also have a name already made up.

There's also another choice I'm looking into. There's a college in Montreal that offers a 3 year program of Costume Design. It's almost perfect! I've been thinking of moving to Montreal, especially because it's close enough that I can bring my dog along, so it works out pretty well. I don't really want to go back to school for another 3 years, but it's as far as I'll go. I keep thinking about the Ryerson fashion program for 4 years and I don't want to be that focused on my career. The Montreal program does offer a 2 year fast-track program, but it's only if you speak French. Booo! It's also $15,000, but at least that makes more sense than the makeup one?

I'm going to run it by Alex to see what he thinks. Not that I want him to be the deciding factor for me... I've realized that all my decisions are based off people telling me that they're "okay" and not just doing something because I want to do something. For example, all my cosplays for Anime North are group related. Not that I don't love the characters, I just have so many other cosplay wants that I won't touch until a group is involved.

Anyway, I figured Alex has an idea of Montreal and his sister goes to school in Montreal, so maybe he can tell me if this is a real college and not one of those fake institute ones. I also know he'd be up to moving to Montreal next year, so I wouldn't have to worry about long distance.

Technically, I can do both. I can work for awhile to save up, do the makeup course later this year, and then save up for Montreal. I'd probably only have enough for one year, but that will help immensely.

I will figure it out.


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