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I’m trying to figure out my Pax East schedule. Ideas:

Friday: C.Viper
Saturday: Miranda Lawson (alt)
Sunday: Tannis

Friday: C.Viper
Saturday: Burial At Sea Elizabeth
Sunday: Tannis

I like the idea of Miranda because I can wear her again for Costume Con’s tiny Mass Effect group, but it’s also a very stressful costume to make in a short amount of time. Elizabeth is super easy and I can wear her for Saturday of Pax East, so I don’t have to worry about changing if the Pax East part still happens. However, I know there will be a million Elizabeths, especially BaS ones, so I’m not really pumped to make it. I’m not even using my own hair. :c

Perhaps I can pattern Morrigan, so I really know what I’m up against and then work on Miranda? I have to buy the piping and a piping foot in the mail, so it’s going to be at least two weeks. That way I can make progress on Morrigan and not stress out that I’m doing nothing.

Tannis is only a maybe because it mostly depends on Alex and I don’t want to ask him to do stuff. Again, this is why I’m not Jack for Pax East. I don’t know what else I could wear…

Sigh so I guess it goes:

♦ sew rachel’s corset mock up

This week to next week:
♦ pattern morrigan’s corset
♦ pattern morrigan’s topxgold
♦ pattern morrigan’s skirt
♦ make Rachel’s dress :\
♦ maybe: pattern morrigan’s gloves
♦ maybe: pattern morrigan’s necklace

I might try to pattern Miranda’s suit this weekend to see if it’s worth modding. I will probably also start the corset while I’m at Rachel’s because I can mod my Elizabeth one since it doesn’t have to take anything at the waist. It’ll also work because the hips are a little too wide, so it’ll sit on top of the hoopskirt properly.
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