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I still have so much to do with my Morrigan until I’m happy with it. I’m leaving the skirt for now, but I want to re-do the belts one day. Maybe for AN? Depends what I’m doing for AN. I’m still deciding I’m going to make my Inquisitor, male Inquisitor (Orlesian Uniform), Ball gown Morrigan, Origins Morrigan, or, to spice things up, Hyrule Warriors Impa. Lol I guess there’s Tera too.

What I want to fix on Morrigan:

► new top
► new bikini top
► attach sleeve to pauldron
► fix necklace
► new staff
► fix boot covers
► new wig
► new belts on skirt
► stitches in leggings


That’s what it takes to make me happier with my costume. ~_~ VERSION 5 HERE I COME?? It’s either for AN or Dragoncon. I’m motivated to do it for AN, but at the same time, I really want to make something new. I think I’ll only make it if I decide to make something else (Impa or Tera) or if I have no time to finish my new Dragon Age costumes.

I’m really inspired to make DAI Morrigan, but I really should finish Tera and I really want to make Impa to wear with Steph and Bridget. <3

I also don't want to decide right now because I want to watch Jojo because I love their costume designs and I know I'll want to cosplay from Digimon when it comes out. >_>
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Let the con season begin! I want to try my best and not do much this year, but I’m already fucking that up by cosplaying Morrigan.

The first convention of the year is Frostcon. I’m not really interested in going, but most of my friends seemed to be going, so why not? It’s not like I’m paying for a pass. My cosplay is a dream cosplay of mine from last year: Burial At Sea Elizabeth! I’m kind of Bioshock-ed out (this IS making me want to play it again though), but I would kick myself if I didn’t try it once before cutting my hair.

My motto for this year is fuck perfection. If it looks good, keep it. HAH. Fuck accuracy! That’s why I bought Elizabeth’s blouse and if I can’t put the seams on it then ohhhhh well. I just keep hearing Gina’s voice in my head saying how she ~made her blouse from scratch~. I have to remind myself she also said she never wanted to make a blouse again after that. haha

I really hope I can get the hair to work and I can get some good photos from it because I don’t know if I’ll wear this again. I did find a wig I kind of liked, but it’s also $90. X.x It’s worth it for a styled wig, but I don’t know if I want to invest in that.

The next convention after that is Pax East. MY BABY. MY FAVOURITE CON. I’m bringing Morrigan’s Orlesian dress. Remember how I wanted to make it for Pax last year? And didn’t because it’s way too huge to wear there? Lol TOO BAD. DOING IT ANYWAY.

It was between Origins Morrigan or DAI Morrigan, but I decided against Origins for now because I don’t have the money to buy leather. I say as I buy expensive rhinestones and velvet fabric. At least I’m not making the corset out of leather anymore because the dark grey vinyl I have is almost perfect and the texture is similar looking to leather. Why spend another $70 on something I already have? I’m also skipping studs and going with rhinestones because it’s SO MUCH EASIER. I look forward to gluing 1000 rhinestones on because it’s therapeutic. *_*

This weekend, I’m going fabric shopping for most of Morrigan. I won’t be getting the velvet fabric unless I find the perfect colour and there’s only a few metres left or I find something really cheap, but I doubt it.

I don’t know what else I’m going to wear to Pax just yet. I know I’m going to bring C.Viper as a backup since it’s comfy and easy. Maybe Karlee and I will bring our League cosplays if we magically have room? I doubt it. haha

Speaking of League, this is the year I rewear a few costumes. I really wish I made a bunch of silly, little costumes last year, so I only have to worry about one new costume per convention. I know I want to update my Caitlyn costume, wear my Bombshell Zatanna, revamp Harley Quinn, and make a new Magician Bitch Zatanna. Grrrreat!

► cut out BaS skirt pattern
► make BaS belt

This week:
► Finish BaS skirt
► fix Morrigan’s petticoat

Next week:
► pattern Morrigan’s skirt
► pattern Morrigan’s top

This Month:
► pattern Morrigan 100%
► sew Morrigan 40%
► Finish BaS
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SIGH! I’M CHANGING MY PLANS AGAIN. I’m giving into Game of Thrones because everyone yelled at us to do it and I really want to cosplay Game of Thrones. Plus, it’s a couple cosplay and it’s a nice excuse to test my costuming skills. :> Problem is, it’s going to make Tera really hard to finish and I definitely won’t have a sword. It also means no bunny for sure. ;_;


This means I have to get back to work ASAP. I’ll try to pack my room up first, so I don’t have to worry about not being able to access my sewing stuff. I keep forgetting that I can leave some things at my current house after I move, so if I can’t finish packing in time, it’s not the end of the world. Soo here are my possible new plans (yet again):



Ø  Reese & Cyrus : Animal Crossing

Ø  Madison : American Horror Story Coven

Ø  Roxy/C.Viper : Street Fighter



Ø  Jerkin of the Kumas : Tera (maybe)

Ø  Terra : Teen Titians (maybe)

Ø  Scarlet Witch : Marvel (maybe)

Ø  Allison Argent : Teen Wolf

Ø  Veronica : Archie Comics

Ø  Kara : Battlestar Galactica


I’d also be helping out with Alex’s Oberyn costume and Power Rangers jacket. Candice will probably help him with Beast Boy if he doesn’t have the time. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing most of the work on Oberyn, but leaving the accessories to him.



Ø  Sew Tera bias tape

Ø  Sew Tera top back

Ø  Clean bedroom (boxes under bed)



Ø  Sew Tera top

Ø  Clean/pack bedroom



Ø  Pattern Tera pants

Ø  Clean/pack bedroom



Ø  Test and finalize Tera pants pattern


This week:

Ø  Finish Tera top (minus boob top because I need the bra first)

Ø  Pattern Tera pants 100%

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I`m trying to make plans, but I have way too many that I want to do. x.x Dragoncon is my excuse to do a bunch of cosplays, so I figured I`d use Conbravo as an excuse to get some of them done. What do I do instead? Plan two other cosplays that aren’t on my list. To be fair, the one (Madison from AHSC) is just buying a wig I already want for a definite Dragoncon plan and store bought clothes. The other one I thought was simple enough might end up costing a lot. It’s Roxy from Final Fight/Street Fighter to match Rachel as Poison. It’s simple, but it means buying a $70 wig, a police hat, maybe modding that police hat to match my red shorts, and a white tank top. Now I’ve spent over $100! The only way I’ll do it is if I sell enough stuff to afford it all. My plan is to finally sell everything I want to get rid of and hope I have enough to buy my Dragoncon pass ($85) and flight ($400-500). Depending how much I have left over, I’ll decide if I’m making anything new for Conbravo and if I’m going to Atomic Lollipop. I know I can afford it all otherwise, but I’m going to pay rent soon (at least $700-$800 a month) and want to start saving up money. I really do want to go to school!


I’m stuck on Fashion Arts or Makeup at George Brown. Makeup is going to be REALLY hard because it’s not going to be a steady job, but at least I know people in the makeup industry to help me out. Fashion Arts gives me a steady job in a field I love, but getting to the school will be a pain in the ASS. I also don’t want to go to a school with Candice because she’s going to want to hang out all the time. I’m not sure if I’m up for that because it might damage our relationship and I’m already struggling with it.


So what’s next? I think the worst part is, I probably only have one cosplay spot left for Dragoncon since I’m bringing so many. Most of them are easy, but they still require some work and I keep forgetting that, so it might be more than I expect. I probably won’t decide until after ConBravo, so I’ll spend the next two months going back and forth agreeing to plans I won’t follow through with. I was really hoping to have two spots opened, so I could have a Marvel costume and maybe another DC costume. As much as I’m excited to make Tera, it’s made me put aside other costumes I was hoping to make for DragonCon.



Jerkins of the Kumas Tera

Terra Teen Titans

Allison Argent Teen Wolf

Veronica Archie Comics

Selix/Kara Battlstar Galactica



PR Bunny Original

Jean Grey/Scarlet Witch/Emma Frost Marvel

The Huntress DC Comics

Jack Mass Effect 3

Noin Gundam Wing

Artemis Young Justice

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Tonight: ♦ pattern VI’s jacket facing ♦ pattern VI’s pants ♦ pattern VI’s collar ♦ pattern VI’s tie ♦ maybe: pattern Caitlyn’s top Tomorrow: ♦ pattern Caitlyn’s skirt ♦ pattern Caitlyn’s underskirt ♦ buy fabric (blue, black vinyl, and petticoat/underskirt fabric) Friday: ♦ pattern Caitlyn’s underskirt ♦ cut out Caitlyn’s underskirt ♦ sew Caitlyn’s underskirt Sunday: ♦ pattern Caitlyn’s top ♦ maybe: cut out Caitlyn I didn’t work as much as I had hope yesterday, but I did get some things done. Today I have a huge list of things to do. :s I really don’t want to do them tomorrow because I want to take the day off to hang out with Alex. I’m going to have to work my butt off tonight, so it’s going to be harddd. I’ll have to get some coffee. Maybe I’ll go to Target tonight and get a French press. >_> Tonight is definitely a pattern-on-the-floor-to-bob’s-burgers kind of night. I also have to decide what I’m wearing to TCAF.
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♦ finish Booker’s vest pattern
♦ cut out Booker’s vest 
♦ sew trim to Booker’s vest
♦ sew Booker’s vest together 50%
♦ sew Booker’s buttonholes on vest

♦ sew Booker’s vest together 100%
♦ sew buttons on Booker’s vest
♦ replace buttons on C.Viper’s sleeve

Next week:

♦ clean C.Viper’s glasses
♦ maybe: C.Viper’s knuckles
♦ splicer prop

So I got nothing done yesterday because I forgot my ruler, tape, and marker. Good job! I also had yet ANOTHER migraine. >:( Today is day 4 out of 5, so let’s see if it happens again. 

I’m so disappointed in my Pax line up because I have nothing new and exciting. I’m mostly just jealous because my Saturday costume, the big day, is a boring one and Gabi is wearing a bunny suit. WHY NOT MEEE? Haha /fail


Umm I might try to fix Morrigan up next week since I really only have 3 days to do stuff. A new top, fix the jewellery, fix the skirt, fix the pauldron, and somehow get a pair of gloves since I used them for Tannis. :s

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♦ pattern Booker’s vest
♦ cut out Booker’s vest
♦ maybe: sew trim to Booker’s vest

♦ pattern Reese’s collar
♦ pattern Cyrus’s bandana
♦ cut out Cyrus’s bandana
♦ cut out felt for Cyrus’s bandana
♦ glue white felt on Cyrus’s bandana

♦ sew trim to Booker’s vest
♦ sew Booker’s vest together
♦ sew Booker’s buttonholes on vest

♦ Reese’s collar
♦ sew buttons on Booker’s vest
♦ replace buttons on C.Viper’s sleeve

Next week:
♦ clean C.Viper’s glasses
♦ maybe: C.Viper’s knuckles

Now I’m debating the DC party because it might be required for me to be in costume for the party. I don’t really want to wear Harley out again after wearing her for most of the day. :s I also don’t want to worry about changing, so I might skip it. I can wear her for Costume Con, so I can actually bring my hammer. I don’t know…
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Lately cosplay has just been exhausting me. I've gotten to the point where I don't want to cosplay for the sake of cosplaying.

I want to wear something i'm proud of and if that means wearing one costume for the weekend, so be it.

There are 5 costumes I want to make for DragonCon and another 1.5 costume so for Alex. These are things I really want to make.

None of them are Morrigan and that's the costume I want the most.

I want to get Tera and Cersei done for AN, so I don't have to worry about those two costumes for Dragoncon. I can commission a Tera sword by then, so I don't have to worry about that either. I might be able to sneak in Origins!Morrigan, but I doubt it. I'm so exhausted these days and want to focus my time on making my life better. This is not my job. I don't really /want/ it to be my job. But there are some things I really want to make especially since Alex will be free soon. ;~; It makes me feel so happy to see how excited Alex is for Zechs and Noin...

The only reason I'm nervous for The only reason I'm nervous for Tera is because of how expensive it is. I might be able to get away with buying only one sheet of Worbla for $85 for the big armour and maybe the base of my neck and elbow armour, but the rest would be craft foam. I might have enough wonderflex for the base of the elbow armour. *crosses fingers* However, I still have to buy a wig for $45-50, $50 for the pants fabric, and another $40 for paints, gesso, and brushes. :( I might give in and wear the wrong wig for Costume Con since castanic females do wear that style, but they have different horns. I like the horns my character have, so I don't want to change it. I also like the shorter hair because it shows off the costume better, but I don't want to cut this wig apart. Basically, if I only need one sheet of Worbla, then I will buy the wig. If not, it'll have to wait until Dragon Con.
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I didn’t get much work done. The x’s on my aprons are done, but that’s pretty much it. /shrugs

I’ve decided to wear my Splicer costume to Pax because it’s much easier to pack and I don’t want to stress myself about wearing Alex all day and being afraid it will break after a few hours. I might try to make a last minute pipe because I think I kept some cardboard tube for that purpose, so it won’t be hard. I still have to dirty up the costume properly, but that’ll be an hour out of my day.

I’m hoping to have Aela for Costume Con, but I don’t know how possible that will be. My Tera costume still needs SO MUCH work, but I guess it doesn’t /have/ to be 100% done since I’m going to wear it again. I might just wear some replacement boots and finish the boots later. I was really hoping to have a sword, but I don’t know if I could get one done in time and it’s too late to ask anyone.

This week:
♦ Booker’s vest
♦ Booker’s tie
♦ Booker’s shirt
♦ Reese apron
♦ Cyrus apron
♦ Reese collar
♦ Cyrus bandana
♦ Splicer prop
♦ dirty up Splicer costume
♦ new luggage
♦ doctor’s appointment!

♦ buy trim for Booker’s vest
♦ sew Reese’s apron
♦ cut out large heart outline from felt
♦ put together splicer prop
♦ pattern & sew Booker’s tie
♦ pattern Booker’s shirt collar/cuffs
♦ maybe: cut out & sew Booker’s shirt collar/cuffs

♦ cut out & sew Booker’s shirt collar/cuffs
♦ pattern Booker’s vest
♦ maybe: cut out Booker’s vest
♦ maybe: sew Booker’s vest trim

♦ pattern Reese’s collar
♦ pattern Cyrus’s bandana
♦ cut out felt for Reese’s collar
♦ cut out felt for Cyrus’s bandana

♦ cut out Cyrus’s bandana
♦ cut out Reese’s collar
♦ glue heart on Reese’s apron
♦ glue heart on Cyrus’s apron
♦ maybe: glue white felt on Cyrus’s bandana
♦ maybe: cut out Booker’s vest

♦ sew Reese’s collar
♦ sew Booker’s vest trim
♦ sew Booker’s vest together
♦ sew Booker’s buttonholes on vest

♦ glue white felt on Reese’s collar
♦ sew closures on Reese’s collar
♦ sew buttons on Booker’s vest
♦ replace buttons on C.Viper’s sleeve
♦ clean C.Viper’s glasses
♦ maybe: C.Viper’s knuckles

Next week:
♦ finish Tera top
♦ pattern armour (so I know how much to buy)

I have a busy week or should I say month? I only have two weeks after Pax for Costume Con, so that doesn’t leave me any time. :( I might start considering being Aela and Cersei instead, but I don’t know when I could finish my Tera costume. /sigh I have way too many costumes to make after this. I’m already upset because I can’t make Morrigan for Dragoncon and I’m positive I’m not going to sew any big projects after that con. :\
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The top is more work than I thought it would be because I didn’t realize I have to add so many pintucks and how much work that really is, so I’m a bit behind. I’m really discouraged because I told Tam and Rachel that I was doing it and they told me it was too complicated for the amount of time. Tam even straight up said, “I don’t think you’re going to finish that, no offense,” and I threw in the towel. I talked to Alex about it and told me not to be a quitter, so I decided to stick with it for the rest of the week. After all, my goal was to see what I could get done this week and decide if it was possible. Here’s hoping I get tomorrow off for real because that would give me a lot of time to catch up.

To be honest, I might stop and catch up for Costume Con because then I know the materials might get here for sure. I’d at least make the top, so the most complicated thing is out of the way. Then, I can save up for Worbla, so I can buy 2 jumbo sheets. It’s not the best idea because there’s only two weeks after Pax until Costume Con and I really did want to make Cersei. Of course I can make Cersei now, but I kind of wanted to make a Vault suit for Pax because I keep envisioning myself wearing the suit with the red pinup hair. >_> I wonder if I have any fabric I could dye that I could use for Fallout?

Anyway, I’m sticking to the plan of Tera right now. If the shirt is pretty much done on Sunday, then I’ll continue making the pants and patterning whatever else I can think of doing. If everything turns out, I’ll keep going or else I’ll stop and work on Fallout. I still have to finish my Animal Crossing cosplay and Booker for Alex. :\

♦ cut out apron neckline
♦ finish patterning pintucks on Tera Top
♦ maybe: finish patterning Tera Top

♦ cut out 50% Tera Top
♦ iron Tera Top
♦ finish patterning Tera Top

♦ sew apron neckline + buttons
♦ cut out rest of Tera Top
♦ sew pintucks on Tera Top
♦ make, cut, and sew bias tape onto Tera Top
♦ sew Tera Top
♦ sew zipper into Tera Top
♦ maybe: closures on Tera Top (magnets?)
♦ maybe: do details on Animal Crossing

I gave in and bought some gloves from etsy. I was hoping for leather gloves, but the only pair I liked within my price range said they only shipped to the US. >:( I ended up going with these suede ones and I hope they fucking get here in time. I don’t have any gloves I could wear as a backup anymore since I used them up for Tannis and C.Viper. :( I’m going to go to Value Village to look for boots and hope they have something. Maybe even see if I can find a Men’s shirt that would fit Alex for Booker and see if I can find a cheap white one that I can take apart the collar and cuffs.

I think I’m still going to try to paint my dress for Animal Crossing if I have white fabric paint. It shouldn’t be too hard to paint it since I have a dressform and I can get away with painting the skirt without it being fitted onto anything. I don’t think I’ll paint Alex’s shirt unless he doesn’t think he’ll ever wear a light blue dress shirt again.
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I’m trying to figure out my Pax East schedule. Ideas:

Friday: C.Viper
Saturday: Miranda Lawson (alt)
Sunday: Tannis

Friday: C.Viper
Saturday: Burial At Sea Elizabeth
Sunday: Tannis

I like the idea of Miranda because I can wear her again for Costume Con’s tiny Mass Effect group, but it’s also a very stressful costume to make in a short amount of time. Elizabeth is super easy and I can wear her for Saturday of Pax East, so I don’t have to worry about changing if the Pax East part still happens. However, I know there will be a million Elizabeths, especially BaS ones, so I’m not really pumped to make it. I’m not even using my own hair. :c

Perhaps I can pattern Morrigan, so I really know what I’m up against and then work on Miranda? I have to buy the piping and a piping foot in the mail, so it’s going to be at least two weeks. That way I can make progress on Morrigan and not stress out that I’m doing nothing.

Tannis is only a maybe because it mostly depends on Alex and I don’t want to ask him to do stuff. Again, this is why I’m not Jack for Pax East. I don’t know what else I could wear…

Sigh so I guess it goes:

♦ sew rachel’s corset mock up

This week to next week:
♦ pattern morrigan’s corset
♦ pattern morrigan’s topxgold
♦ pattern morrigan’s skirt
♦ make Rachel’s dress :\
♦ maybe: pattern morrigan’s gloves
♦ maybe: pattern morrigan’s necklace

I might try to pattern Miranda’s suit this weekend to see if it’s worth modding. I will probably also start the corset while I’m at Rachel’s because I can mod my Elizabeth one since it doesn’t have to take anything at the waist. It’ll also work because the hips are a little too wide, so it’ll sit on top of the hoopskirt properly.
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♦ gesso a bunch of layers on Jack’s jacket accessories
♦ cut out shoulder puff pads
♦ sew C.Viper’s shirt
♦ sew shoulder puffs x4
♦ sew shoulder puffs pads
♦ maybe: pattern jacket straps
♦ maybe: finish C.Viper’s earrings
♦ maybe: smooth out jack’s armour
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♦ pattern shoulder puff
♦ test shoulder puff
♦ cut out shoulder puff
♦ cut out shoulder pads x2

♦ buy fabric for Jack’s top

♦ gesso, paint, and attach C.Viper’s knuckles
♦ paint C. Viper’s gloves
♦ cut out Jack’s top
♦ maybe: sew shoulder puff x2
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Here's my goal:

Rachel invited me to go fabric shopping next weekend. So, from now and until next weekend, I have to finish my PR Bunny and most of C. Viper (minus the hair, glasses, and boots). If I do all of this, I will then allow myself to buy Elsa fabric and her wig.

My goal is for Costume Con, but it would be nice to wear it while there's snow, but I won't cry if I can't. Also, if I save her for Costume Con, then I have a new costume for it and it's a pretty good costuming example. Yahoo!
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Ugh ok look

I really want to be Morrigan. It just makes sense... She is my favourite character and I really want to do one of her costumes justice.

BUT can I realistically make it in time when I have school? I don't know how intense the program will be or how much homework I will have. If I did go with Morrigan, I would try to spend December making her corset and patterning the rest of it, so it's the easy stuff that's left. Well, there's still jewelry, but maybe I can get someone to make it? Idk.


I could spend the rest of my time finishing Tannis, make Alex something, finish Jack, and maybe squeeze in a bunny suit.

It's what I should realistically do... Maybe I could fix up Origins Morrigan instead?


If I don't start school in January, then I'll do DAI Morrigan. If not, I'm going to wait till I graduate school.
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I hate when something goes wrong with the computer that my boss is using because she takes it out on everybody. She doesn't even blame us; she just shits on all of us for it not working. The worst part is that she makes me call my Dad, the IT guy, when it's her problem. It's not even an issue of me having to work or call someone. It's because my Dad can't fix it issue unless he's speaking to the person on the computer and every time I ask her a question, she gets snippy.

Her emails have been bouncing back and after speaking to my Dad, I had to tell her that he's calling the phone company because it's not his/our problem, so he can't fix it. Later on, the problem happened again and she got all snippy with me as if I didn't do anything. She asked me to call again, so I had to repeat what I already told her an hour before. ~_~
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I'm going to try something. I'm really bad at retail therapy and wanting new things, so I'm thinking of making a list of things I want and putting money in a jar at the end of the week for it. Right now I want these four things:

01. MAC Diva Lipstick $18

02. BENEFIT COSMETICS Dandelion $36 (I actually asked for a Sephora gift card for my birthday, but I haven't gotten it yet and Mom made it sound like she got me something else instead womp womp)

03. Besame Cosmetics Crimson Cream Rouge $45.08

04. Cambridge Satchel Company Red 11" Satchel $155

Soo when I have enough money for one of them, then I will buy it. HOW TO FIX A RETAIL ADDICTION? By admitting that I have low confidence and that I think having new things will make people like me and not hate me for the shit I did to Christine. 8D

I'm probably going to ask Dad to get me the satchel for Christmas. It's either that or getting a new serger. I wish I didn't ask for the jacket I got for my birthday because it's cheap and not.. what I was expecting. :(
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 Happy birthday to me! I got my HST check, so I went ahead and bought the girdle. I have such weird taste...
I was so sleepy yesterday. I let myself nap for however long I wanted which is a bad idea. I've been trying to set my alarm for 10 minutes, so the max I tend to nap is 30 minutes (lol snooze button), but I didn't bother yesterday. Regret! Then I leagued for a little bit because I knew I wouldn't get to work right away. >_> 
I didn't work too much. I really wanted a break day because I was so, like I've said, sleepy and sore. I'm really tired of making the pattern and yet I still have more to do. I really want to test out the neckline tonight because it's so important (it's how I get my in and it has to lay flat). ~_~
► finalize cape pattern
► test front and back neckline pattern
► make shoulder pads for BoF
► make a test soulder pad for F
► pattern F shoulder harness
► test F shoulder harness
maybe: make F shoulder harness 
maybe: pattern harness
► finalize BoF pattern
► cut out BoF pattern
► interface BoF pattern
maybe: sew some of BoF
maybe: make F shoulder harness
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I'm really lazy and hate exercising, but after reading a bunch about the 30 day shred I think I'm going to try it.

I won't be doing it until after Anime North in 2 weeks just because I'll be insanely busy working on stuff.

I just want to tone up my legs and butt for the summer. :s
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For Alex's birthday, I bought him a vintage shoe polish box since he's an old man who loves polishing his boots. The one I got wasn't in the best quality, but it looks really cool, so I hope it gets here without being broken. There was same one for only $5 more, it was in better condition, and came with a bunch of the original shoe polish, but the seller wouldn't respond to my email, asking if they shipped to Canada. :(

Oh well. I hope he likes it.

I mean, on top of that, I'm hoping to get him this expensive whiskey he really likes. I'm also thinking of being SUPER CORNY and making a mixed cd (lol wat) for our 6 month anniversary because he loves cds and music. lmao cheese

good 4 me

WHAT DO I WEAR? He's really cute and suggested that we hang out in my bedroom, watch old movies, and drink some wine. I know one of them will be Roman Holiday because it's my favourite Audrey Hepburn movie, but I can't decide what else. Maybe Rebel Without A Cause or Funny Face.

So yeah! What do I wear? I figured something causal, but cute. I just bought this:

But I think it's too much? idk I just wanted a cute minnie mouse dress go home

what else do i haveeeeeEEeeEEee
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