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I didn’t get much work done. The x’s on my aprons are done, but that’s pretty much it. /shrugs

I’ve decided to wear my Splicer costume to Pax because it’s much easier to pack and I don’t want to stress myself about wearing Alex all day and being afraid it will break after a few hours. I might try to make a last minute pipe because I think I kept some cardboard tube for that purpose, so it won’t be hard. I still have to dirty up the costume properly, but that’ll be an hour out of my day.

I’m hoping to have Aela for Costume Con, but I don’t know how possible that will be. My Tera costume still needs SO MUCH work, but I guess it doesn’t /have/ to be 100% done since I’m going to wear it again. I might just wear some replacement boots and finish the boots later. I was really hoping to have a sword, but I don’t know if I could get one done in time and it’s too late to ask anyone.

This week:
♦ Booker’s vest
♦ Booker’s tie
♦ Booker’s shirt
♦ Reese apron
♦ Cyrus apron
♦ Reese collar
♦ Cyrus bandana
♦ Splicer prop
♦ dirty up Splicer costume
♦ new luggage
♦ doctor’s appointment!

♦ buy trim for Booker’s vest
♦ sew Reese’s apron
♦ cut out large heart outline from felt
♦ put together splicer prop
♦ pattern & sew Booker’s tie
♦ pattern Booker’s shirt collar/cuffs
♦ maybe: cut out & sew Booker’s shirt collar/cuffs

♦ cut out & sew Booker’s shirt collar/cuffs
♦ pattern Booker’s vest
♦ maybe: cut out Booker’s vest
♦ maybe: sew Booker’s vest trim

♦ pattern Reese’s collar
♦ pattern Cyrus’s bandana
♦ cut out felt for Reese’s collar
♦ cut out felt for Cyrus’s bandana

♦ cut out Cyrus’s bandana
♦ cut out Reese’s collar
♦ glue heart on Reese’s apron
♦ glue heart on Cyrus’s apron
♦ maybe: glue white felt on Cyrus’s bandana
♦ maybe: cut out Booker’s vest

♦ sew Reese’s collar
♦ sew Booker’s vest trim
♦ sew Booker’s vest together
♦ sew Booker’s buttonholes on vest

♦ glue white felt on Reese’s collar
♦ sew closures on Reese’s collar
♦ sew buttons on Booker’s vest
♦ replace buttons on C.Viper’s sleeve
♦ clean C.Viper’s glasses
♦ maybe: C.Viper’s knuckles

Next week:
♦ finish Tera top
♦ pattern armour (so I know how much to buy)

I have a busy week or should I say month? I only have two weeks after Pax for Costume Con, so that doesn’t leave me any time. :( I might start considering being Aela and Cersei instead, but I don’t know when I could finish my Tera costume. /sigh I have way too many costumes to make after this. I’m already upset because I can’t make Morrigan for Dragoncon and I’m positive I’m not going to sew any big projects after that con. :\


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